Top 5 ways to STYLE YOURSELF

Time to get back to normal routine as lockdown is at ease. What are your ways to look fresh out of the quarantine? Here’s our top 5 easy ways to look snatched in every occasion!

  1. Wear clothes of a right fit
  • Clothes that are neither too tight nor too baggy are perfect for the style we are opting for. Tailored apparel is excellent of a choice, since it is customized for you. You are able to show of your curves in comfort and not worry about clothing malfunction. You can also add elements in your outfit with prints and colors. Easy ways to look fabulous are using a color blocking technique, vertical lines and small prints.
  1. Bring out your waist
  • Emphasis on your waist can be a deal breaker. A tiny waist with corresponding size of bust and hips are preferred by most as, it gives out illusion of an hour glass. Either way, whatever body type you have – you can always bring out your waist by wearing a belt. The type of belt usually depends on the outfit. For circle body type, an empire waist emphasis is suitable.
  1. Make your outfit bougie.
  • A same outfit can be worn to multiple occasions as per your styling. You can choose various accessories as per your liking – statement jewelries (earrings, necklace, anklets, crowns, bangles…), hair bows and many more which are decorative and functional items like watches, sunglasses and more. If you are wearing statement necklace, you can wear a bangle or a ring to compliment your look. If you are wearing statement earrings, best not to wear statement necklace in the same look. Try choosing accessories that are minimal in design. It helps bring the outfit together.
  1. Choose your shoes wisely.
  • The decision to choose among different types of footwear might keep you at halt in completing your outfit. While it’s best to wear heels that are of a reasonable height – 3 inches might be a good one to try. Platforms are a good as well when paired with trousers. You could go for flats with sundresses and sporty with athleisure look or gym with a trendy touch.
  1. Complete with makeup
  • For make up, you should try neutral colors for a chic look and chromatic combinations for flamboyant. Either way, it depends on what you like and wish to portray. If you like to rock your natural looks, that could be a great option too. You can style your hair in ponytails, updo, braids, wavy, straighten or curls and many more alternatives to pick from. An easy way to find out a beautiful hairstyle is to know your face shape.

A bonus Tip!

  1. Less is more!
  • We often see many people make fashion mistakes for example: overlaying their clothes, too many statement accessories and makeup fails. A simple way to not let this happen is; you look at yourself in the mirror and leave an item of your outfit before you head out. It could be a bold shade of lip color, tacky shoes or a jacket that looks incompatible.

Let us know if you follow these tips and the changes you see on your look! Tell us your fashion hacks too!


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