5 ways to dress like a BOSS

Look like a boss and feel like a boss with 5 simple ways. Easy tricks to help you dress sharp and smart in just few minutes.

  1. Wear Solid Colors
  2. Experiment with monochrome color palette
  3. Wear Formals
  4. Put a Blazer on Casuals
  5. Pair up with formal shoes

1. Wear Solid Colors

Solid colors are best to manipulate different features of the body as per the apparels and designs. Apparels with solid colors when paired with other multiple colors of clothing create a color blocking. Color blocking can also be used in a single apparel of an outfit. This element of design is very stylish and trendy. With your favorite colors on you – you are confident and look sharp. You can use color wheel as a reference to create combinations for your outfit.

2. Experiment with monochrome color palette

The color psychology plays important role in dressing for occasions. When you are out to work and deal with clients – you want to appear bold and beautiful/handsome at the same time. One way to achieve this goal is to choose a monochrome color style. By pairing your outfit in tints and shades of the same hue – you can achieve the look. Monochrome does not only mean black, white and grey. Surely, these are excellent colors to choose for office.

3. Wear your fit made to measure 

Most of the offices now allow semi formals and casual wear. Still, if you choose to wear formals for work a right fit of shirt and tapered pant will do the trick. A made to measure formal wear is suggested because it is simply made to your exact measurements and you have options of choosing the materials for your outfit. You can add details that you like and remove the one you do not want. A shirt with traditional collar and pockets with long sleeves and cuffs is a staple. For pants you can choose to with straight, tapered or cigarette styles. For skirts; A-line and pencil style are preferred.

4. Put a blazer on casuals

A blazer or a sport jacket can always be handy for meetings and presentations. It looks trendy and smart at the same time when paired with casuals like T-shits and jeans. You can also pair your blazer with dresses. The blazer is an outer wear item that gives your shoulders an emphasis. It makes your silhouette look strong on the upper part of body. You can choose solid chromatic colors and neutral colors. For prints like plaids, checks and smaller motifs can be used.

5. Pair up with Formal Shoes

You complete your outfit only after you dress your feet too. The shoes for formal wear can be loafers, oxford shoes and many more for men and women. If you prefer heels – kitten heels and platform heels may work the best for you.

Remember, that the definition of a confident being differs from person to person. Whatever works best for your body type and personality is suitable than any other trends in the market. Live your best life. 



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